WAGE WAR Wage War have forged an ironclad hybrid of battering ram grooves, gnashing guitars, and melodic hooks in the heat of those extremes. Following the most trying year in recent memory, the Florida quintet—Briton Bond [lead vocals], Cody Quistad [rhythm guitar, clean vocals], Seth Blake [lead guitar], Chris Gaylord [bass], and Stephen Kluesener [drums]—only […]


THOUSAND BELOW Thousand Below’s vulnerable, ambient, yet ultimately hopeful self-examination of loss, life and healing is an enduring theme resonating in the band’s signature sound. The range within their genre is an homage to the band’s intimate experience through the stages of grief. The American quartet– James DeBerg [vocals], Josh Thomas [guitar], Josh Billimoria [Bass], […]


UNCURED Uncured is an active rock 4-piece from New Jersey, USA, founded by brothers Rex Cox (vocals and guitar) and Zak Cox (lead guitar).  While on tour, Rex and Zak are joined by bassist Micah Smith and drummer Mason Borsini. Uncured headlined the Living Like I’m Dead Tour in February and March of 2022, showcasing […]


SLAY SQUAD Marijuana connoisseurs know that hybrid strains will elevate the consciousness even higher. While each original component is essential, the resulting combination becomes something unique. Similarly, new elemental wonders appear in the culture when creative artists combine seemingly disparate aesthetics and diverse life experiences with fearless determination and bold artistic courage. SLAY SQUAD 111 […]


FROM ASHES TO NEW The future is something that all of us must deal with yet it’s often uncertain and that was the case when it came to the making of From Ashes To New’s sophomore full-length The Future. When the band’s vocalist/keyboardist/programmer Matt Brandyberry rhymes on the title track “The Future”, “Day One is […]


HEARTSICK Heartsick believes that beauty and breakdowns come in many forms and refuses to conform to your idea of aggressive music. Drawing inspiration from such genre defining bands like Deftones, Nine Inch Nails, Lamb of God and even System of A Down. Each song is a testament to their uncompromising brutality and love for shoegazing […]


FOX LAKE Idiosyncrasy can often be the lifeblood or the death knell for musicians in the digital era. Without a familiar sonic foundation to build upon, artists can feel foreign and jarring; without innovation, stale and derivative. Since their inception in 2017, Fox Lake has spent 5 years cautiously walking the line between these two […]

with Lacey Sturm

FLYLEAF with Lacey Sturm Lacey Sturm is a Grammy Nominated Singer/Songwriter & co-founder and former lead vocalist of the hard rock band Flyleaf. In February 2016, Sturm became the first solo female artist to top the Billboard Hard Rock Albums chart with her debut release Life Screams and continues to shock audiences globally with her […]


NERV Nerv is a 4-piece Alternative Rock band from Sacramento, CA. The band is comprised of former Incredible’ Me vocalist Dillon Jones, guitarists Jordan Grokett and Scott Buchanan, and drummer Tyler Clark. Blending the best of the rock world with the marketability of the pop world, Nerv burst onto the scene in November 2017 with […]