Lonewolf is an idea that things don’t have to be stagnant. With the idea that a band can and should be genre-fluid, Lonewolf combines hard hitting riffs, choruses the size of a planet, and hooks that sink deep in your head and stick there for months. On the flip side of the coin, the band is able to turn up the heat when needed with earth-shattering breakdowns, visceral screams, and some of the most aggressive riffs in modern metal. Born out of Cleveland, Ohio in 2017, founding members – vocalist Justin Perry, guitarist Michael Cironi, and drummer Joe McCarthy came together to create something new with guitarist Brandon Knerem and bassist Aaron Skinner later joining. Since 2017, Lonewolf has gone on to cultivate a cult following pushing the band to the heights of playing sold out shows as well as Welcome to Rockville in 2021. With having accomplished so much in such a short period of time, the future is looking bright for the band.

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