In This Moment Artist Image

IN THIS MOMENT All cultures, religions, and belief systems share one commonality. Life springs forth from a mother. She bears, nurtures, cultivates, raises, and prepares children for the world. Without her, existence ceases. Much like the earth, life grows, thrives, and survives inside of and because of her… Since coming to life in 2005, gold-selling […]


Clifford Artist Image

CLIFFORD CLIFFORD is a progressive/technical deathcore band from Boston, MA. The band brings a unique and tasteful blend of brutal riffage and passionate performance from members Thomas Reuter (Guitar), Lucas Koughan (Bass), Luke Green (Drums), and Drake Plotkin (Vocals). The band’s debut album, Soulless, is a quintessential representation of the band’s character, blending elements of […]


God of Nothing Artist Image

GOD OF NOTHING GOD OF NOTHING brings an extremely heavy sound and style. As a leader in the deathcore community with their low and brutal tones, hailing from South Carolina.


GHOSTATIC From hobby to obsession, raw to mega production, here and the afterlife, Ghostatic is an ominous, all – encompassing presentation of sounds and experiences written and produced by Adamo Fiscella. Live band members: Adamo Fiscella – Vocals Todd Schwartz – Guitar Gavin Kerr – Bass With a wide range of influences, both old and […]


Traverse The Abyss Artist Image

TRAVERSE THE ABYSS Hailing from the hometown of Breaking Benjamin and Motionless in White comes Scranton, Pennsylvania’s next hard hitting metal act Traverse the Abyss.  Making waves in the underground scene since late 2016, Traverse the Abyss unleashes a ferocious sonic onslaught by uniquely blending several sub genres within the Heavy Metal spectrum, everything from […]


More Than Never Artist Image

MORE THAN NEVER More Than Never are a 3-piece American modern metal band from Columbus, Ohio. The band formed in 2016, and evolved from a pair of sarcastic jokesters who met in high school and just couldn’t get enough Mudvayne, Deftones, and Breaking Benjamin. Their unique brand of entertainment fuses sing-a-long choruses and electronic elements […]


DARK SIGNAL Dark Signal is a Metal band from Sacramento, CA that has an affinity for rhythms, grooves and impact ferociously fused with vibes, emotion, atmosphere, hooks and harmony. While the band is heavy enough to earn a “Metal” descriptor, there is no shortage of curious and unexpected arrangements of Rock, Alt/Indie, Pop, Electronic, R&B, […]