Bittersweet Revenge is a five-piece rock group from Cleveland Ohio. Starting off as a three piece with the roots of 90’s grunge music, they made a name for themselves playing local venues and summer festivals. The handwork put in by the band earned them respect from fans, and they continue to build a new following from all walks of life. The band released their debut album “Untrustworthy” in 2018 and quickly followed with “Break ‘Em” (2019)

Members include; Mikey Patton on vocals; Tommy Farkas on lead guitar; Jake Jekyll on Rhythm guitar; Dennis Smith on drums and Angel Vazquez on bass. Angel is sure to bring the stage antics that make anybody dance and smile, while Dennis has been the X factor in the band’s networking success in addition to being an absolute force behind the kit. The guitar work produced by Jake Jekyll & Tommy Farkas rings a hellacious fire of mayhem and Mikey boasts a vicious vocal ability and will leave it all on the stage to entertain the audience!

Sit back and observe the in-your-face rock and roll with Bittersweet Revenge!

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