After spending their formative years in the regional circuit, Set For Tomorrow found their definitive lineup in Autumn 2019 with vocalist Patrick Ryan, guitarist/founding member Mikey Canoy, and bassist Brendan McGlathery. The group was later completed by drummer Deej Virtudazo and guitarist James Lovato the following year.
During the 2020 pandemic, the band released multiple singles, and a concept video trilogy that includes ‘What Made You Stay’, ‘Purgatory’ and ‘Orphic’. It’s a story about loss and succumbing to the dark side of the supernatural.
In April 2021, they released their first EP with their new lineup. ‘Dreaming in Analogue’ was met with high praise, and the band released two music videos to support its release with ‘Hearts in Doubt’ and ‘Hopeless’. Once COVID restrictions had been lifted, they quickly began playing shows again, including dates at Launch Music Conference and Blue Ridge Rock Festival.
With nearly 40 years of experience between them, the band strives to put on the most memorable live performance possible. Set For Tomorrow is all about working towards being the best version of yourself, and that is what they aim to convey through their music.

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