As 2019 came to a close, rock band Red Sun Rising announced an indefinite hiatus as its members began to pursue other opportunities. Soon after, the world as we knew it sunk into the deep hole of the pandemic. The time in lockdown helped to fuel to the creative process for singer and songwriter Mike Protich, who was in search of a new music release and to stretch his creative muscles. He recruited two members from his former band — Patrick Gerasia on drums and David McGarry on guitar. The threesome began to work remotely during the initial lockdown and quarantine. They embarked on virtual sessions using home studio setups and collaborating with producer Albert DiFiore in Nashville Tennessee. With roots in rock music, the three began to find creative ways to utilize their musicianship beyond the standard integration of rock bands. They embraced experimentation by blending the familiar elements of rock music with a newfound appreciation for electronic and digital sounds. This creative process was evaluated due to the fact that the members were unable to physically be in a room together to play. Out of this process, The Violent was born. It is truly a child of this chaotic pandemic — both sonically and lyrically.

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