SET FOR TOMORROW After spending their formative years in the regional circuit, Set For Tomorrow found their definitive lineup in Autumn 2019 with vocalist Patrick Ryan, guitarist/founding member Mikey Canoy, and bassist Brendan McGlathery. The group was later completed by drummer Deej Virtudazo and guitarist James Lovato the following year. During the 2020 pandemic, the […]


Asava Artist Image

ASAVA  ASAVA are an emerging rock group fusing elements of alternative rock, grunge, and metal to form a sound all their own. Their single “25”, released along with an emotional music video featuring home videos from singer Liam Brocious, captured the attention of DWPresents and Space Zebra, landing them their first major festival appearance at […]


WOE, IS ME Returning to the stage after almost a decade, Woe, Is Me is back and ready to reclaim their spot in the music world. Formed in Atlanta, Georgia in 2009, the band saw its fair share of both struggles and triumphs before disbanding in 2013. Now back with the same lineup that was […]


Varials Artist Image

VARIALS Balance occurs in the midst of extremes. Varials seamlessly alternate between moments of crushing power and melodic poise, unlocking harmony in the middle of opposite poles. The Philadelphia quintet—Mitchell Rogers [vocals], Mike Foley [bass], James Hohenwarter [guitar], Shane Lyons [guitar],and Sean Rauchut [drums]—continue to sharpen this signature style with searing intensity, uncontainable energy, anduncompromising […]


The Violent Artist Image

THE VIOLENT As 2019 came to a close, rock band Red Sun Rising announced an indefinite hiatus as its members began to pursue other opportunities. Soon after, the world as we knew it sunk into the deep hole of the pandemic. The time in lockdown helped to fuel to the creative process for singer and […]


Fire from the Gods Artist Image

FIRE FROM THE GODS For some artists making music isn’t a choice, it’s fueled by something larger than themselves. This is undoubtedly true of Fire From The Gods whose second full-length American Sun sees them adopting the tagline “In Us We Trust” meaning “we the people” are responsible for change; a unifying statement in order […]


MUSHROOMHEAD Mushroomhead – are one of the most unique and adventurous alternative metal bands working today. Known for their stunningly theatrical live show and artsy masks, this innovative band has forged new ground in the rock world and influenced many other bands to push the envelope and bring art into rock. Formed in the early-1990s […]


Memphis May Fire Artist Image

MEMPHIS MAY FIRE Memphis May Fire makes anthems for the broken. The four-piece rock band channel a generation’s worth of angst, frustration, and pain, with a focused blend of gigantic melodic hooks and crushing aggression. Even after topping Billboard’s Hard Music Albums chart and breaking into radio’s Active Rock Top 20, Memphis May Fire refuses […]


The Ghost Inside Artist Image

THE GHOST INSIDE The Ghost Inside make music for the outcasts. They’ve inspired audiences around the world to overcome obstacles, persevere, and find the strength to keep going when it feels like all is lost. Songs like “Out of Control”, “White Light” and “Mercy” are modern hardcore anthems. Passionate crowds have joined them in singalongs […]


UNDEROATH Underoath has been a seminal voice in progressive, heavy rock for almost two decades. When you look at the long list of bands that would be considered their contemporaries, very few can match Underoath when it comes to consistently pushing the envelope or the ability to evolve creatively without losing sight of what made […]